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Let Florida real estate closing attorney Andrew D. Tarr protect your interests. I always tell my clients that buying real estate isn't as simple as going to Publix and buying a can of soup. There are intricate details involved, and more ways that you can imagine that a deal can go wrong. The fact is, in addition to the problems you can encounter, real estate transactions are a long and stressful process. For a surprisingly reasonable fee, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have Florida real estate closing attorney Andrew Tarr by your side to guide you.

Buyer Closings and Refinances

One of the greatest benefits of using Florida real estate attorney Andrew Tarr to represent you when buying or borrowing is that he has an ethical obligation to work on behalf of your best interest. In addition to being 100% loyal to your interests, and only your interests, once retained Andrew Tarr will be the only member of your home-buying team who is qualified to give you legal advice. During key points of the process, Mr. Tarr is worth his weight in gold.

To assure yourself of legal protection from start to finish, you should consult with the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr before you sign a purchase contract or mortgage application. By doing so, you'll do yourself the favor of making sure that your home-buying experience goes as smoothly as possible and that potential problems are solved before closing. If you are a buyer or borrower, as long as Andrew Tarr issues your title insurance, you won't pay more by involving him early on. Call for more details.

Andrew Tarr is versed in Florida real estate law and will either personally perform or make sure the following procedures are completed in a timely, professional manner:

• Review the contract and ensure that all provisions and contingencies are in your best interest
• Inform you of your legal rights and obligations
• Obtain a title search, evaluate the status of the title and require appropriate legal remedies to clear any defects
• Advise you on what the title policy does not protect against, emphasizing marketability of the title when you sell
• Prepare or review the closing statement and other closing documents, and let you know about seller contingencies that affect your interests
• Interpret and counsel you about all legal documents related to the title and transaction, including deeds, mortgages and closing statements
• Advise you on how you should take the title to the home, and how this affects your overall business and personal estate
• Check for unrecorded municipal liens, including sewer and special assessment liens
• Prepare a bill of sale to cover any personal property such as curtains and appliances that you and the seller agree shall remain in the home

Seller Closings

If the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr represents you when Selling Florida real estate, you can be certain that the transaction will be handled fast and efficiently, and for a reasonable fee. You will save money and have peace of mind when Florida real estate attorney Andrew Tarr is with you by your side throughout the entire transaction. As a Seller, there are certain costs that you will be responsible for. Many Sellers do not realize that they have the right to designate to who, and how those costs get paid.

For example, a vast majority of Florida real estate contracts contain provisions which require the Seller to provide evidence that they actually own what they are trying to sell. This is called 'evidence of title' and the requirement is satisfied by delivering to the Buyer a 'title search'.

You may recall getting an "Owner's Title insurance Policy" when the real estate you are selling was originally purchased. This title policy literally insures a buyer's ownership interest in the property. In addition to providing the Buyer with a copy of this title policy, Sellers are also required to update that title policy by providing an 'abstract of title' which allows the Buyer to examine the state of the title from the date of the Seller's purchase through the present. The abstract costs the Seller on average anywhere from $200.00 to $300.00.

Another cost Sellers are responsible for is a 'municipal lien search' which verifies that the county or municipality has no issues with the property that could give rise to a title defect.. What most people don't know is that the actual lien search is often times farmed out to a third party; so in addition to paying that third party's cost, the Buyer's closing Agent may tack on their own unnecessary processing fee, thus costing Sellers more money than if they had the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr protecting their interests.

Additionally, Sellers are also required to provide the documents required to close, typically called 'Seller's Docs'. The Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr will prepare all documents necessary to close the transaction, including, the Warranty Deed, Bill of Sale, Closing Affidavit, and any other documents required by the Buyer pursuant to the Contract.

Sellers are often subjected to significant pressure to have the Buyer's "Closing Agent" provide the Title Search, Municipal Lien Search and Seller's Docs, even though there is no legal requirement to do so. The problem is, this unrelated third party does not protect your interests.

You might think an attorney would cost more, but actually they both cost about the same. The benefit of letting the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr handle your contractual obligations as the Seller, far outweigh the burdens and costs one may encounter if they do not have Florida real estate attorney Andrew D. Tarr protecting them from start to finish.

For Sellers, the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr offers the following services:

• Prepare the purchase contract
• Hold earnest money deposits in 'Escrow'
• Review a bona fide offer to purchase
• Resolve any title or inspection issues
• Give you legal advice throughout the transaction
• Assist you in handling '1031 Exchanges'

Please call the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr to make and appointment with a qualified Florida real estate lawyer to protect you at 305.521.0888.


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