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Loan Modifications

At the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr, we may be able to help you modify the terms of your loan to arrive at a payment that you can afford and will keep you in your home.  We try to accomplish this loan modification by negotiating any or all of three different strategies.  1. Lower the interest rate; 2. extend the amoritization period (how many years you have to pay off the loan); and 3. principal reduction.   All three, either independently or together will have the effect of lowering your monthly payment.  The most difficult loan modification to accomplish is a reduction in the principal amount you owe, though lenders are offering more and more programs that include principal reduction.

The first step in finding a solution to the problems you are having with your lender starts with a phone call to Florida Foreclosure Attorney Andrew D. Tarr who is trained to assist your specific needs and will counsel you based on the specific facts of your case.

Your circumstances, while similar to problems others are facing, are actually unique.  Once you become a client of the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr, you will be asked to provide a package of loan related documents including copies of your Mortgage and Promissory Notes and other loan-related documents.  We also need a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation, including pay stubs, bank accounts, tax returns, as well as a personal statement outlining your hardship.   The "Hardship Letter" serves to detail your specific circumstances resulting in the financial difficulties you are currently facing.

The Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr uses this information internally in order to determine whether we believe in good faith and based upon recent experience that we can help you.  This review, while extensive, and generally made using the same 'underwriting' criteria that the lenders use, is not a guarantee of a positive result. We make no promises other than that we will work as hard as we can to help you obtain a result that resolves your difficulties in a realistic manner.  It is important to understand that each client's personal circumstances are different, and your review will be based on your own particular facts and circumstances.   If, and only if, we believe that we can help a potential client by modifying its mortgage debt will we accept the case.  All clients sign a retainer agreement that is explained in detail.   It sets forth the scope of services that we perform, as well as some that we do not, and provides for payment of a one-time, pre-set legal fee.

Our goal when negotiating with your lender is to obtain a mortgage payment that you can comfortably afford that will allow you to remain in your home.  We have an experienced processing staff and the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr has forged positive working relationships with numerous banks and servicers of mortgages through our integrity, credibility and professionalism.  As a client of the Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr, you reap the benefits of our experience.  Unless otherwise agreed, we do not appear as your counsel of record in a pending or future foreclosure action.

In the event that we are unable to come to terms with your lender on a loan modification that will keep you in your home, we are available to help develop an exit strategy that minimizes the credit, legal and financial obligations caused by foreclosure or delinquency.

Mortgage Mediation - A Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Florida Supreme Court has offered a lifeline to struggling homeowners who are facing foreclosure of their primary residences.  Before losing their homes to foreclosure, homeowners are now entitled to undergo mortgage mediation before a foreclosure can be finalized.

Andrew Tarr is a Mortgage Mediation lawyer who will guide and counsel you through the process and ensure that the Lender participates in good faith and gives you the opportunity that the Supreme Court of Florida says you deserve.

What is Mortgage Mediation?

Mortgage Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution that gives you the right to a face to face meeting with your lender in an effort to modify the terms of your loan in accordance with federal modification programs, or your lender's own in house modification program.  It is a light at the end of the tunnel that could keep you in your home.

Mortgage Mediation starts with independent financial counseling with a State of Florida certified financial counselor who reviews your personal financial situation in advance of forwarding it to the Lender.  The Law Offices of Andrew Tarr will assist you with preparation of the financial package that will be submitted to the certified financial counselor and ensure that your Lender participates in the Mediation in good faith.  We are there for your every step of the way.

What could happen at Mortgage Mediation?

While a loan modification that would enable you to keep your home is one possible outcome, other negotiated agreements might include short sales or simply surrendering the property to the lender through a deed in lieu of (instead of) foreclosure.

What kind of loan Qualifies For Mortgage Mediation?
Mortgage Mediation does not apply to second or vacations homes, or to commercial or investment properties.  It only applies to loans involving your primary residence that qualifies as your homestead.
Is participation required?
Participation is not mandatory for borrowers, who may chose to opt-out. However, participation by lenders is required. Mortgage mediators must be from HUD-certified nonprofit credit counseling agencies

Why should you participate?

Traditional loan modification can be extremely frustrating due to the endless distance between you and your lender.  Mortgage Mediation requires the lender to have their attorney and their representative present at mediation.  If the Lender fails to participate in the mediation in good faith, they may be subject to penalties by the Court and they may not be able to proceed with foreclosure.

The order requires that borrowers have the opportunity to meet with their lender and, with the aid of a certified mortgage counselor, try to work out an alternative solution to foreclosure. The lender would be able to proceed with foreclosure if no agreement is reached.


The Law Offices of Andrew D. Tarr is a full service law firm and is better suited to represent your interests than any non-lawyer modification company.  Our number one priority is to you.  Your lender has a lawyer.  Put the power of Tarr Law on your side.  We utilize our history of service and experience to work for you in trying to obtain the very best results with your lender.

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